Hotness 2012 runners-up: The men

Updated 8/17/2012


HOT CAMP COUNSELOR: Benjamin Theisen Escobar

  • Age: 31.
  • Sign: Virgo.
  • Lives in: Just moved from downtown Minneapolis to Prior Lake (I live at a YMCA camp!).
  • Orientation: Straight.
  • Status: Married last May.
  • Education: B.A. in communication studies.
  • Occupation: YMCA Camp Kici Yapi director.
  • Hangouts: Amore Victoria, Bob's Java Hut, 331 Club, Psycho Suzi's, Spill the Wine, the Boiler Room.
  • Turn-ons: Fall sweaters, and a back scratch is always nice!
  • Nominated by: My best friend Brian Gioielli.

We say: Whoever said nice guys finish last hasn't met Ben. The kindhearted hunk has carved himself a rewarding career as a YMCA camp director, ditching his urban dwelling to live and work on a Prior Lake plot with his gorgeous new wife (sorry, ladies). "It formed who I am in a lot of ways," he says of discovering his passion for working with kids. In his spare time, the personable do-gooder serves as board president for a human rights group. Genuine warmth, immediately evident in conversation, separates this candid, clean-cut gentleman from most other sharply dressed studs in town.

HOT DESIGNER: Jeffrey Klingel

  • Age: 24.
  • Sign: Virgo.
  • Lives in: South Minneapolis near Midtown.
  • Orientation: Straight.
  • Status: Single.
  • Education: Minneapolis College of Art and Design (illustration/graphics design).
  • Occupation: Freelance illustration; Potbelly IDS Center.
  • Hangouts: MacKenzie, Dakota Jazz Club, Turf Club ($1 books in the basement -- magnificent), the Herkimer, Soo Visual Arts Center, 331 Club, Uptown Theatre.
  • Turn-ons: Good conversationalists, fans of trivia, confidence in style, brown eyes, musicians/vocalists, film enthusiasts, dancers, women who are happy and generally appreciate life, women who can teach me something.
  • Local celebrity crushes: Ashley Gold, Erica West, Sex Kitten, Dessa.
  • Nominated by: My friend Riley Farrell.