'Nobody Else But You'

COLIN COVERT | Updated 9/11/2012

Film is a French oddity.

Sophie Quinton in 'Nobody Else But You.'
Photo by Jean-Claude Lother



Where: Lagoon.

This French oddity swirls the levity, intrigue and menace of "Twin Peaks" and the mythology of Marilyn Monroe's mysterious death into a twisted but effective mystery-comedy. Writer-director Gérald Hustache-Mathieu photographs the TV weathergirl (Sophie Quinton), who has turned up dead, in poses resembling iconic portraits of Monroe, and she captures the essence of the star's bruised innocence. At its best, the film is intoxicatingly strange. (Unrated. In subtitled French.)


★★★ 1/2 out of four stars

Where: St. Anthony Main.

After confusion about his religious identity inspired a quest that brought him into contact with many false gurus, Vikram Gandhi decided to step into their sandals. The nonbelieving New Jersey-born filmmaker moved to Phoenix in the guise of a red-robed holy man to see if he, too, could gain a following. His documentary contains unscripted New Age absurdities worthy of Sacha Baron Cohen. But there are episodes of touching sincerity as people seeking guidance confide in Kumaré and receive his gentle encouragement as esoteric spiritual wisdom. (Unrated.)