Little White Lies

COLIN COVERT | Updated 9/27/2012

The French "Big Chill" is about love and insecurity over boating excursions.

Gilles Lellouche, left, and Marion Cotillard in the film "Little White Lies," directed by Guillaume Canet.
Photo by Jean-Claude Lother

Guillaume Canet's ensemble drama draws together some of the best actors in French cinema for a sort of Gallic "Big Chill" backed by a soundtrack of U.S. pop classics. A clique of friends takes summer vacation at a seaside home while one ("The Artist's" Jean Dujardin) remains hospitalized after a near-fatal traffic accident. They weave a web of subplots about love and insecurity over boating excursions and wine-lubricated feasts, ignoring the deeper problems that sabotage their happiness. The script is banal, but the acting company and the locations are easy on the eyes. (Unrated. In subtitled French.)