Night Moves' album seeing daylight at Spin


Minneapolis trio has been sitting on "Colored Emotions" for well over a year, pending its Domino re-release.

An integral part of promoting a new record nowadays, Night Moves has earned a pretty sweet spot a week before the release of its debut “Colored Emotions” at, which is streaming the album in its entirety starting today. Click here to give it a listen. Spin's write-up calls it a “warm and intimate, wonderfully expansive gem.”

Of course, the Minneapolis trio’s hometown fans might scoff a bit at Spin listing the stream under “Premieres,” since an earlier version of "Colored Emotions" was available for free download well over a year ago. In the interim, the band signed with Domino Recording Co. (Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand) and has been proving just how hippie and laid-back its members really are. Their patience was partly required by the record’s remastering, for which psychedelic twang specialist Thom Monaghan was recruited (a producer/engineer for Beachwood Sparks and Vetiver). You can hear a little more clarity and oomph in the retouched product, but it really did sound great to begin with. The Domino-issued album also includes the song "Colored Emotions," which actually wasn't included in the original version of the album.

Night Moves is currently on tour with L.A.-by-way-of-Michigan buzz band Lord Huron, which earned the local lads another nice little bit of ink from the New Yorker (“countrified rock with a freak-folk vocal style, and their organ and string arrangements spin their songs into mini-epics”). That tour just so happens to be landing in Minneapolis on Tuesday so Night Moves can host its day-of release party back home at 7th Street Entry.

[Photos: Domino Records; Carlos Gonzalez]