Minnesotans prepare for Twinkpocalypse

JAY BOLLER | Updated 11/19/2012

Hostess bankruptcy has locals hoarding Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs.

A Bellingham, Wash., man prepares for the Twinkpocalypse.
Philip A. Dwyer, AP

A campy, diabetes-spurring and decidedly Americana era came to an end Friday, when Twinkies and Wonder Bread manufacturer Hostess Brands Inc. filed for liquidation in bankruptcy court. Minnesotans responded to the demise of the 82-year-old company with salivation, with one local grocer reporting a run on Hostess products.

"Once the product is off our shelves that is all that we have," Supervalu spokesman Michael Siemienas told Minnesota Public Radio. "So it is literally -- we have Hostess products on our shelves while supplies last."

The cream-filled sponge cake hysteria might all be for not. Fortune is reporting that Sun Capital is seeking to buy the bankrupt baker, a move that would save the jobs of some of its 18,500 workers and keep Twinkies in the gullets of honest, God-fearing Americans. As said employees prepare for unemployment, 19 ding-dong Hostess executives are seeking $1.75 million in bonuses. Now that's American!

Elsewhere, Twitter mourns the only way it knows how: with wholesale snark.