Watch Maria Bamford perform standup for her parents

JAY BOLLER | Updated 11/29/2012

For a $5 download, you can see Bamford perform in front of mom and dad's couch.

Brad Barket - PictureGroup

Duluth-reared comedian Maria Bamford has an act that borders on performance art, a schizophrenic presence that can induce cringes in complete strangers. She also talks a lot about family. And that's what makes her new special, "The Special Special Special," so appealing - a standup performance (presumably) in her parents' living room, with an audience made up exclusively by mom and dad.

Bamford recently lost her seasonal gig as Crazy Target Lady (R.I.P.), so throw the supremely talented comic with local roots a cool $5 for a download. Here's the preview:

On Nov. 30 Bamford with be in St. Paul for a sold-out installment of Minnesota Public Radio's popular "Wits" series, alongside singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile.