Viral Minnesota blooper featured on 'Daily Show'

JAY BOLLER | Updated 1/11/2013

Mixologist Johnny Michaels and KARE reporter Lee Valsvik produce a painful "Moment of Zen."

Before the Packers brought the hurt to the Vikings last Saturday, KARE reporter Lee Valsvik was in her own world of pain.

On the rooftop at new Hennepin Avenue restaurant Union, Valsvik joined cocktail wizard Johnny Michaels for a fluffy pregame piece. They yakked about salmon, Michaels playfully tossed a football to photojournalist Craig Norkus and - inexplicably - he walloped Valsvik the way Adrian Peterson punishes cornerbacks. 

The good news? Valsvik isn't hurt, and "The Daily Show" found the resulting clip funny enough to feature it as Wednesday's "Moment of Zen."

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Moment of Zen - Football Practice
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Because KARE, uh, cares, it followed up with Valsvik amidst her blinding moment of Internet celebrity. In the interview, the reporter talks about the global news outlets that picked up her pummeling, as well as "The Today Show," "TMZ" and other hard-hitting news organizations; the YouTube video has racked up more than 120,000 views. Just another day on the Internet, the revolutionary medium that stoked the Arab Spring and connects the world, while never dumbing us down.