The Tribe and Big Cats! call it quits

ANDREW PENKALSKI | Updated 2/6/2013

Twin Cities hip-hop duo will throw a farewell show next month at Triple Rock.

Big Cats!, left, and Rapper Hooks
Photo: Facebook

After four years and two albums, local hip-hop duo the Tribe and Big Cats! are now joining that great gig of disbanded projects in the Twin Cities sky. Rapper Hooks and producer Big Cats! - who cited their solo careers as the cause for the split - will end their string of collaborations with a show at Triple Rock on March 1.

"From our beginnings at the Dinkytowner, to Soundset, to sold-out First Ave shows, it’s been a trip," Spencer "Big Cats!" Wirth-Davis said in a press release. "Our music has taken us all over the country, introduced us to countless amazing people and supplied me some of the best memories I have. We’re also honored to be able to perform one last time at the Triple Rock."

Even when it seems that nothing gold can stay on a local level, Chris "Rapper" Hooks offered some positive resolve.

"On some sappy, corny shit, dreams do come true if you work hard enough," he said in the release. "Be on the look out for future projects from Big Cats! and me, as well as more collaborations from us too."

Toki Wright, MaLLy and DJ Snuggles will join the duo at Triple Rock to say farewell.