Bad breaks: A history of wacky Minnesota sports injuries

JAY BOLLER | Updated 3/6/2013

Remembering notable fluke injuries to Minnesota athletes.

Anthony Swarzak before "horseplay" ravaged his ribs.
Photo by Jim McIsaac

TwinsFest wrapped up last month without incident — or so we thought. It was revealed last week that Twins pitcher Anthony Swarzak cracked two ribs during the annual fan festival. The culprit: “horseplay.” The perils of horseplay will take a month from Swarzak, who’s the latest in a not-so-proud tradition of Minnesota athletes suffering undignified injuries.

Kevin Love: knuckle pushups

Joe Mauer: bilateral leg weakness

Joel Zumaya: “Guitar Hero”

Denard Span and Danny Valencia: car accident

Marty Cordova: sunburn

Gus Frerotte: head-butting a wall