Tuesday: The Airborne Toxic Event

Updated 4/24/2013

Former indie stars-in-the-making hit First Ave. Plus: Nick Drake tribute at the Cedar.

The Airborne Toxic Event
Photo by Autumn DeWilde

The Airborne Toxic Event

8:30 p.m. • First Avenue • 18-plus • $19-$22

A few years ago these well-hyped Hollywood rockers had some critics crying stars-in-the-making à la the Killers (or Arcade Fire, or the Strokes, or, well, you get the picture). The problem was the Toxic troupe sounded like a lot of bands that already broke, but their 2008 debut still earned them a major-label roster spot. The indie-to-arena ascent never quite happened and their highly histrionic third album (due April 30) probably won’t get them there. But dubious prophecies be damned: The forthcoming “Such Hot Blood” is a marked improvement from 2011’ s“All at Once.” Kodaline opens. Michael Rietmulder

Nick Drake’s Musical Legacy: Joe Boyd, Way To Blue

7:30 p.m. • Cedar Cultural Center • $10

British singer/songwriter Nick Drake was a brilliant, brooding, stage-fearing, depressive loner who became more famous after his death. He made only three albums, but those works, especially the 1972 finale “Pink Moon,” have elevated him to revered status. Drake will be saluted by Twin Cities musicians including Mason Jennings, Steve Tibbetts and Haley Bonar, as well as esteemed music-biz executive Joe Boyd, who produced Drake along with Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd and many others. It’s one of only four such appearances nationwide to promote a new Drake tribute album featuring live covers by Robyn Hitchcock, Linda Hannigan and others. Boyd will also give a presentation and do a Q&A session. Jon Bream