One love, lots of style

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 7/3/2013

The Uptown Pride Block Party let loose a fashion deluge. And it actually rained, too.

Devonté Thompson
21, student / buyer at Buffalo Exchange

What are you wearing? Splendid sunglasses, Wrangler shirt, H&M pants, creepers by T.U.K.

Describe your style: Vibrant, eccentric, bold and often unpredictable.

Who is your fashion icon? Grace Jones, she is the definition of taking it there.

What is a must have at Pride?
An open mind and a positive heart.

Katie Super
24, RN

What are you wearing? Ray-Ban wayfarers, Speedcult graphic T-shirt, Stop Staring pencil skirt, Vans shoes.

Describe your style: Laid-back retro influenced by motor and music culture and femininity.

Who are your fashion icons? Anyone with confidence and a knack for influence. 

What's a definite Pride no-no? A shirt.

Tea Simpson

32, bartender, singer of L'Assassins

What are you wearing? Fab leopard suit made by Tani Thompson's Pin Up Apparel. Everything else has been thrifted locally.  

Describe your style: Bad girl vintage.

Who are your fashion icons? Emma Peel from the Avengers and Tura Satana from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.

What's a definite Pride no-no? T-shirt and jeans.

Kari Mugo

26, student

What are you wearing? Target romper, wedges from Buffalo Exchange, purse from JustFab, accessories collected along the way, and the perfect splash of red lipstick courtesy of Mac.

Describe your style: Perfect mix of androgyny. High femme meets thrift store queer fashion. 

Who is your fashion icon? A cross between Janelle Monae and Grace Jones.

What's a definite Pride no-no?
Hooking up with the ex. Stay away.

Katie Barnhart
24, special education assistant

What are you wearing?
Shoes from Heartbreaker, Topshop skirt, cami from TJMaxx, H&M jean jacket, dollar store umbrella.

Describe your style: Vintage mod chic. I like to wear vintage styles with a modern edge. I usually take inspiration from '60s London attire.

Who is your fashion icon? Pattie Boyd.

A definite Pride no-no: Judgment or criticism of any kind