Updated 9/3/2013

TUESDAY: Weight-room rock at the Entry.



8 p.m. • 7th Street Entry • 18-plus • $10-$12

After graduating from high school and no longer spending indentured hours in the weight room thanks to your football coach, you parted ways with bands using double-bass drums and vocalists that sound like scraping ice off your car. That was probably 2003. But some groups — including Atlanta’s O’Brother — never sold their kick drum for weed money. In fact, O’Brother released its fourth LP, “Disillusion,” just last week. The album features locker-room smacker “Oblivion,” which chugs with the energy of a slow-motion fist pump and screams lines such as, “There is no purpose for choosing this fantasy / I’m led away like a wandering amputee.” Native, Daylight and Animal Lover open. Christopher Vondracek