Movie review: 'The Zigzag Kid'

MARCI SCHMITT | Updated 10/24/2013

“Pink Panther”-style caper is cute and clever.

"NoNo the Zigzag Kid" ORG XMIT: MIN1304121637481863 ORG XMIT: MIN1310231132331844

⋆⋆⋆⋆ out of four stars

Theater: St. Anthony Main.

When winsome, imaginative Nono Feierberg grows up, he wants to be like his father, Holland’s top police inspector. After a stunt at his cousin’s bar mitzvah, Nono is dispatched by train to his stern, professorial uncle. En route, Nono finds a message in his bag that sends him on a “Pink Panther”-style caper involving a gentlemanly master thief, a torch singer (Isabella Rossellini) whose signature is “Whatever Lola Wants” and a beguiling family mystery. The kicky setting: mid-1970s Europe. Say yes to the cute and clever Nono.