Movie review: 'The Grand Seduction'

COLIN COVERT | Updated 6/11/2014

Try-too-hard Canadian comedy flops.


⋆⋆½ out of four stars

Theater: Lagoon.

The more this predictable, faux-endearing Canadian comedy works at being irresistible, the harder it is to enjoy. The setting is a Newfoundland coastal town called Tickle Head (are you laughing yet?). Fifty years ago it was populated with virile fishermen. Cut to the present day, and the sailors’ feckless descendants lining up for a welfare check. Brendan Gleeson leads the island town’s campaign to lure a “petrochemical byproducts repurposing facility.” But what we have here is whimsy inflated with a bicycle pump. This is why Canadian comedians emigrate to the States. (Rated PG-13.)