Art: Lost Land

GREGORY J. SCOTT | Updated 8/17/2012

By Cheryl Wilgren Clyne

The landscapes of Kimberly Tschida Petters are downright bludgeoning in their flatness. By reducing land, sky and buildings to their essential geometric shapes, Tschida Petters cuts through the visual static to give us a mind-calming view of our surroundings. Minimalist in practice as well as presentation, she favors hand-rubbing over brushwork, and her wall-sized paintings are some of the most peaceful around. Cheryl Wilgren Clyne shows alongside Tschida Petters, and her bear-headed youths bespeak the complexity of childhood, as well as the distortion that comes with nostalgia. In their second of three shows together, Wilgren Clyne and Tschida Petters will be at Rosalux throughout August.