RNC '08: Family values anti-agenda

CHRISTY DESMITH | Updated 8/17/2012

Sex-worker advocacy groups have a habit of making dire predictions every time a convention comes around. But despite their alarms, by most accounts, there will be but a modest bump in the number of call girls available locally. One local escort service told the Star Tribune they'd be hiring only 10 to 15 additional women. Police and security forces will be omnipresent -- for this reason, law enforcement experts say, the Democratic and Republican conventions of 2004, in New York and Boston respectively, brought no increase in prostitution.

Same goes for illegal drug trafficking: Tom Walsh, a spokesman for the St. Paul Police Department, says conventions bring a drop in drug-related complaints and police calls.

However, the area's strip clubs are certainly staffing up. Employees at Rick's Cabaret in downtown Minneapolis aren't allowed to take vacations during the convention, according to Allan Priaulx, a spokesman for the club. "We're also starting a little campaign -- if you ever wanted to dance at a gentleman's club, now would be the time to come to Rick's Cabaret and try out," he says. Around the corner at Schieks Palace Royale, the number of entertainers is expected to almost double to more than 60 per evening. "We have clubs around the country, including two on both sides of Denver," says Julian Royal, area director at Schieks. "So I get to kind of judge what happens in Denver before we get our turn with the Republicans."

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