MSPIFF 2009: Destination unknown

Star Tribune staff | Updated 8/17/2012

The 2009 Minneapolis / St. Paul International Film Festival.

You never know.

A film you see at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Interna­tional Film Festival could become next season's world hit.

Or it might fire your imagination and never receive an American release. The two-week fest offers a deep core sample of world cinema, American indies, documentaries, children's stories, Minnesota-made movies and more.

Once again, most of the lineup is conveniently clustered in the St. Anthony Main multiplex, and visiting filmmakers will be on hand to discuss their latest work.

This year's guests include Mexican director Carlos Cuarón introducing his raucous soccer comedy "Rudo y Cursi," and James Toback, with the incisive boxing biography "Tyson." Whether you're the first to see a popular smash or one of the lucky few to view an obscure treasure, you can't dip into MSPIFF without finding something innovative, challenging, hip or weird. Read on for's guide to the first seven days of the festival.

4/16 – Thursday

Opening Night Film: 500 Days of Summer

3 and a half stars

The story follows the same guidelines as most romantic comedies - boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl breaks boy's heart - but as the 500 days of their doomed relationship are shown, will Tom and Summer have different ideas of what being in love really means? Read the full review and add your own.

4/17 – Friday

The Girl from Monaco

2 out of 4 stars

Bertrand (Fabrice Lucini) is an overintellectual Parisian lawyer staying in Monaco to defend a woman who murdered her young lover. Read the full review and add your own.

Horn of Plenty

2 out of 4 stars

Zany characters and sexual high jinks provide most of the humor in Juan Carlos Tabío's conventional comedy. Chaos ensues when the Cuban city of Yamaguey receives news of an inheritance worth billions of dollars for the descendants of the Castiñeiras family ... Read the full review and add your own.

I'm Gonna Explode

3 out of 4 stars