Alexis on the Sexes: Hungover and horny

ALEXIS MCKINNIS , | Updated 10/3/2013

Of hangover libidos, oral sex and diapers.

Q: I drink pretty regularly on the weekends, and I have noticed that I am always super horny when I am hungover. I have actually noticed it for several years and I’ve also heard it from a couple of other male friends. Any clue as to why?


A: It’s all about the sex hormones, baby. Alcohol consumption initially inhibits testosterone production, and the side effect is particularly strong in men. It happens right after you crack that first tall boy. You may feel a little randy once you’ve started drinking, but that’s more than likely attributed to dilated blood vessels delivering some extra blood to a certain extremity, as well as plain old loosened inhibitions. Elsewhere inside the body, testosterone production is coming to a screeching halt.

As soon as you fall asleep (or pass out), though, your body starts to make up for it. By the time you get up the next morning (or afternoon), your testosterone levels will not only be back to normal, but probably through the roof. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for a healthy libido, so your extra-healthy libido the day after drinking is a direct result of the booze.


Q: Always hot dogs, never oysters. My boyfriend refuses to go down on me because he threw up doing that to a girl in college ... puked right on her ladybits. I am a very clean girl and have grown weary of eating his hot dog (he pushes my head down to hint that he wants that). Is it just me or is it unfair for me to eat hot dogs when he never has oysters? I am not the girl he puked on in college but I am paying the price for her tantrums.


A: While your metaphors alone are enough to make this vegetarian want to puke all over her own ladybits, I’m even more disgusted with your boyfriend’s arbitrary attitude toward sex. The woman whom he vomited on has nothing to do with the relationship that he’s currently in. It was a completely isolated incident with someone from his past; it’s not only irrelevant but it’s also disrespectful of him to bring it up when you’re trying to have a discussion about your desires and expectations when it comes to sex.

The first thing you’re going to do is withhold sex until your boyfriend is ready to have a mature conversation about why he’s ignoring your needs. Remember that this has nothing to do with a girl from his past; this is about you. If he can’t come up with an acceptable explanation to why he refuses to perform a fundamental act in bed — an act that most men unabashedly enjoy — and he won’t give your, uh, bivalve a try, then get rid of him. He sounds like a douchebag.


Q: Hi, my name is Jake and I just finished reading your column “3 Questions” (Sept. 19) and I just wanted to comment on the ABDL (adult baby diaper lover) part. Your original column about ABDL (“Be My Baby,” April 26, 2012) was well done. In fact, I originally came across your column because I am DL. I just want to say thank you, you did good job on explaining ABDLs. By the way, there are more sites for the ABDL community like:


A: Thanks for sharing, Jake! I also found two more websites that should be of interest to anyone looking to explore the ABDL fetish: and The latter is a dating site for all kinky folk, so whatever you’re into — diapers, piercings, golden showers, force feeding — you’ll be able to find a friend there who’s into it, too.

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