Alexis on the Sexes: Yeasty boys

ALEXIS MCKINNIS , | Updated 4/17/2014

Wait, men can get yeast infections too?

Q: Is it possible to test men for yeast infections? I believe they typically show no symptoms in men, so I am not sure how to tell if a man has one. When I have sex with my boyfriend, inevitably a few days later I get the familiar burn, itch and discharge, and I end up treating myself with over-the-counter cream. The infection goes away and then the next time we have sex, it happens again. Can we have him tested to see if he is carrying a yeast infection, and if he is, how are they treated in men? Do they take an oral medication like Diflucan? I enjoy having sex with my boyfriend, but I don’t enjoy the aftereffect.


A: Men can definitely get yeast infections, but it’s possible your boyfriend’s symptoms just aren’t as noticeable to him as yours are to you. Most men have experienced jock itch (a similar fungal infection) at least once in their lives, so he may be dismissing any redness or itchiness as something that will just clear up on its own. If either of you has a yeast infection, though, it won’t go away until both of you are treated. Right now, you’re just passing the infection back and forth to one another in an endless, itchy, inflamed cycle.

Both of you should get tested for STDs first, to rule out any other potential causes. If it is a yeast infection, a doctor will most likely recommend that your boyfriend try a topical antifungal treatment such as Monistat. If that doesn’t clear it up, a prescription for something like Diflucan should do the trick. It’s important that you also treat your infection and abstain from sex until there are no signs of it left for either of you. Hopefully that ends the cycle and you can resume sex sans side effects.

In the meantime, your boyfriend can take the same daily precautions you already do to keep overgrowth at bay. Make sure you’re both eating clean; research suggests a link between yeast infections and added sugar in the diet. Avoid it, as well as white flour and other starchy foods. There’s plenty of evidence that probiotics can prevent yeast overgrowth. Pick up some acidophilus capsules from your neighborhood Whole Foods or co-op. Always use fragrance-free soap in the shower, stay out of hot tubs, remove wet swimsuits and workout clothes ASAP, wear comfy cotton underwear during the day and, of course, sleep naked.


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