Trashy little Xmas

JAY BOLLER | Updated 12/20/2012

Trailer Park Boys Julian, Ricky and Bubbles get in the Christmas spirit.

Trailer Park Boys

For actors John Paul Tremblay (Julian), Robb Wells (Ricky) and Mike Smith (Bubbles), the Trailer Park Boys franchise is a gift that keeps on giving. Conceived in the mid-1990s with creator Mike Clattenburg, the boys' Canadian TV mockumentary was an instant hit in 2001 (later on, Netflix Instant helped win American fans). Seven seasons, two movies, one spinoff and multiple stage shows later, the decadently debauched exports of Sunnyvale Trailer Park are as intoxicated and active as ever.

The hash- and booze-loving trio aims to spread holiday cheer this Friday at the State Theatre with its latest stage endeavor, "Dear Santa Claus: Go F#ck Yourself." In it, good-hearted Bubbles tries to spread the true meaning of Christmas, but his plans are upended by Julian's scheming pursuit of the Xmas dollar and dimwitted Ricky's inexorable drive to meet the real Santa. The boys' nemesis -- drunkard trailer-park supervisor Jim Lahey and his cheeseburger-addicted assistant/lover, Randy -- are along for the ride.

Lowbrow? Absolutely. But not brainless, as sharp writing and rich characters have been constants in the Trailer Park Boys universe. Last year's "Drunk, High and Unemployed Tour" stop at the Pantages Theatre couldn't fully reimagine the magic of Sunnyvale, but you wouldn't know it from the howls of rowdy TPB diehards. We scored a phone interview last week from the Trailer Park Boys as they zigzagged between the United States and Canada on their big holiday tour.

Q: Why are you guys telling Santa Claus to uh, go screw himself?

Bubbles: It's more telling the corporate aspect of Xmas to fuck itself, ya know? Santa represents the whole commercial side of Christmas and all that bullshit, and that's not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about getting drunk and high with your family and your friends. Don't get me wrong -- I like Santa. But when he represents the commercial side, he can fuck right off!

Ricky: That's what Christmas is supposed to be, yeah, just hanging out with your friends and family and getting drunk and high, not all this money stuff and presents, the turkey...cranberries or any of that bullshit.

Q: Any favorite Christmas traditions in Sunnyvale?

Ricky: I like the traditional eggnog and mushrooms.

Q: Ricky, you've spent Christmas in prison. How was that?

Ricky: It was awesome, I love being in jail on Christmas. You party with the guys, there's no real rules. It's just a free-for-all, all the booze and dope with the boys you can handle. It's awesome.

Q: What inspired this Christmas special?

Bubbles: I just like to go around the country and try to spread the true meaning of Christmas, bring some Christmas joy to people, sing some Christmas carols, that type of thing. Julian's got other ideas, but he always does because he's a goddamn greaseball.

Q: What can fans expect from the show?

Julian: I plan on making some money, because that's what Christmas is all about for me: making money. 'Cause people spend money like crazy during Christmas, so I'm just gonna capitalize on that.

Q: Will [trailer-park supervisor] Jim Lahey be sober?

Julian: Lahey is never sober. Even when he says he's sober, he's not sober -- he still has some fucking liquor coursing through his veins.

Q: What's it like touring with Lahey and Randy? You guys don't always get along...

Julian: It's bad enough having Randy, but he's working for me this tour. He's gonna be helping me make some money. Lahey, he's not supposed to be showing up, we're trying to keep him away from us, but sometimes that's usually impossible.

Q: How was you guys' first tour [2010-11's "Drunk, High and Unemployed Tour"]?