Art: 'Useless' photography

Updated 5/9/2013

Twin Cities photography collective finds meaning in everyday activities.

An image from “Useless, Useless”
Photo by Lars WÄstfelt

‘Useless, Useless’

From its inception on, Minneapolis photography collective “You are not a dinosaur” has gathered a wide network of photographers from all over the world. Inspired by the final words of John ­Wilkes Booth, “Useless, Useless” is the collective’s first attempt at a group exhibition. It’s culled from a pool of 17,000 images finding profundity in everyday activities. The show opens with a community meal and an “opening” of submissions that will let guests curate the show’s final version. (4-11 p.m. Fri. California Building, 2205 NE. California St., Mpls. Jahna Peloquin