Events: Zombie run, tomato fest

Updated 7/10/2013

Run For Your Lives has zombies; Midwest Tomato Fest has fruit hucking.

A Run for Your Lives participant plunges into muddy waters.
Provided photo


Run for Your Lives

Time was, zombies were slow. In fact, their trademark foot-dragging gait added to the creepiness. Now, in the renaissance of the dead, all rules are off. At this 5K race, some participants will spend $97 to run five kilometers through various obstacles, which might include something called a “Blood Pit.” Thriftier, weirder participants will spend a bit less ($35) to dress as zombies who try to “infect” the runners by grabbing their flags. If your blood runs both hot and cold, there’s an option to dress as a zombie, act like a freak — and still get your fitness on as one of the runners. (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat. Spring Creek Motocross, 63633 298th Av., Millville, Minn. Mike Mullen

Midwest Tomato Fest

Everyone is encouraged to play with their food at the third annual Midwest Tomato Fest. It’s a full afternoon of live music (from the White Keys, the BluPrint and DJ Zeke Thomas) and other entertainment. A beer garden features a variety of refreshments from Grain Belt and Schell’s. Then at 6 p.m., strap on some goggles and perhaps a poncho and get ready to hurl ripened, juicy red fruits. The tomatoes used are spoiled and inedible, and part of the proceeds are donated to organizations fighting hunger. (2-7 p.m. Sat. $20-$25. 4th St. & Portland Av. S. in downtown Mpls. Walker

The Socially Awkward Storyteller’s Slideshow & Dance

Minnesota-based photographer Alec Soth is one of the world’s best visual storytellers, having released 18 publications over 10 years, delving into subject matter from fashion to politics. Now Soth is inviting 15 emerging photographers, writers, illustrators and designers from around the globe to his publishing house, Little Brown Mushroom, for a “summer camp for socially awkward storytellers.” For five days, Soth and his LBM team — Carrie Thompson, Galen Fletcher, Ethan Jones, Brad Zellar and Jason Polan — will lead a lucky few on a series of inspirational field trips around the Twin Cities. It culminates Saturday with an evening of Pecha Kucha-style slideshows (20 slides shown for 20 seconds each from each participant), aimed at exploring the narrative potential of the photo book. (7-9 p.m. Sat. Free. Soap Factory, 514 SE. 2nd St., Mpls. Jahna Peloquin