High praise for Maria Bamford

Updated 11/13/2013

Louis C.K., Judd Apatow and Mike Birbiglia express admiration for the Duluth-bred comic.

Maria Bamford
Photo by Natalie Brasington

"Who’s the [most] underrated standup comedian?," Twitter user

"Maria Bamford. She’s great.," Louis C.K. (Twitter, June 25, 2012)


"I think she’s hysterically funny. She’s one of the few people that really makes you laugh hard, who’s doing something so interesting and insane. … I’ve seen a lot of comics and it takes a lot to make me laugh really hard. And she definitely makes me laugh super hard.," Judd Apatow (Los Angeles Times)


"Saw Maria Bamford tonight at Carolines [in New York City]. I’ve never seen a comedian who made me want to give 25 standing ovations in one set.," Mike Birbiglia (Twitter, March 4, 2013)