Crush on you

Updated 2/21/2013

Sometimes we all need a little reminding: The Twin Cities area is actually a great place to meet amazing, attractive people. So just in time for Valentine’s Day,’s annual Crush extravaganza is our celebration of all the intangible stuff that makes you have a raging crush on someone.

First, readers revealed their own crushes at One nominee, a barista, said he found a Web link to his submission in his tip jar, left by an unknown customer. The nominees converged Jan. 18 at the gala Crush mixer at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, where even more crushes were discovered. From 182 candidates, 10 stellar local women and men were voted finalists by readers and the Crush committee. It was all kind of like “The Hunger Games,” with more unrequited yearning and less teen fighting.

We vetted the finalists in our photo shoot at Icehouse, and can confirm that all 10 are worthy of your undying infatuation and notebook scribblings. Two of them charmed the judges enough to take home the Most Crushworthy title and $800 in prizes. Crush queen Sharifa Simon is a first-year Minnesotan and rollergirl who’s attacking her new scene, and opposing skaters, with equal vigor. Her male counterpart, graphic designer Keith Eric Williams, brings style to the creative community and excels in the art of conversation.

Sharifa and Keith win the Crush titles, but judges and readers adored them all. Meet the 10 most crushable people of 2013.