Are You Local?: Honorable mentions

JAY BOLLER | Updated 3/6/2013

These honorable mentions almost made it into the Are You Local? top three.

Fury Things
Photo by Kyle Werstein

When a new-band contest gets 223 submissions, it’s inevitable that some groups slip through the cracks. Hell, we whiffed on a little band called Howler back in 2011. So here’s a collection of notable nuggets panned from the Are You Local? river in 2013.

Fury Things: The dream of the ’90s is alive in Fury Things. The young trio trades in a bombastic, distortion-rich vein of indie rock that recalls Sugar and Sebadoh. See them March 9 at the Amsterdam.

Caetani: Let’s say Metric and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs got bizzy. The offspring from that unreasonably hot union would sound a lot like Caetani, frontwoman Brianna Kocka’s gloomily lush project that isn’t lacking in guitar oomph, either.

The Magikatz: Stoner indulgence or pure genius? Tough to say, but there’s something to this duo’s impression of a young Wayne Coyne fronting Led Zeppelin.

Niki Becker: The singer-songwriter won’t floor you lyrically, but her crisp voice and thoughtfully arranged indie-pop should please fans of Rilo Kiley.

Bear the Sound: The trio handled our rock-critic legwork by submitting under the “Electric Acid Shoegaze Folk Dub” genre. With chunky guitars and delightfully droned vocals, Bear the Sound should be taken seriously.

End Quotes: The group lacks polish, but its thoughtful emo approach suggests a fuzzy-pop DNA similar to the Thermals.

Geodesique: Avoid if you’re into warmth. In the mold of the Knife or Phantogram, the gothy and stylized trip-hop trio is all about supplying the gloomy party. They’re playing Big V’s on March 16.

Sans Caballo: New to the point of barely possessing a Web footprint. This uncanny amalgam of Beck and the Eels’ sensibilities is worth keeping a tab on.

Holographic Sands: College-aged trio has no shortage of inspiration, with sonic cues ranging from folk to jangle pop to psych-rock. Think rough-hewn Dr. Dog.

Gloss: With the pluck of New Order and the dreamy haze of Beach House, local shoegazers will find plenty to like. Catch them Tuesday at the Entry.'s Are You Local? contest

Finalist: Audio Perm

Finalist: Bad Bad Hats

Finalist: Carroll

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