The List of Lists 2013: Media + movies

Updated 7/18/2013 readers pick the best blogs, TV shows and more.

The iconic Uptown Theater at 2906 Hennepin Av. S.

Best local blogs

1. Stubble Magazine

2. Paper Darts

3. Mouthful of Platinum

4. L’Etoile

5. The Tangential

6. BA mpls

7. Reviler

8. Cake in 15


10. Shuttersmack

Best podcasts

1. This! The Podcast

2. Wits

3. Comedy Bang Bang

4. Doug Loves Movies

5. This American Life

6. The Smartest Man in the World

7. The Nerdist

8. The Basketball Jones

9. How Did This Get Made?

10. 89.3 The Current Song of the Day

Best radio stations

1. 89.3 The Current

2. MPR

3. Radio K

4. myTalk 107.1

5. Cities 97



8. 96.3 K-TWIN


10. KFAN

Hottest local male news personalities

1. Jason DeRusha

2. Frank Vascellaro

3. Mike Augustyniak

4. Chris Shaffer

5. Sid Hartman

6. John Williams

7. Sven Sundgaard

8. John Hines

9. John Lauritsen

10. Pete Busch

Favorite mobile apps

1. Shazam

2. Google Maps

3. Instagram

4. Pandora

5. Vine

6. I Am T-Pain

7. Spotify

8. Facebook

9. Pinterest

10. Yelp

Best TV shows (2012-13)

1. “Parks and Recreation”

2. “Arrested Development”

3. “The Mindy Project”

4. “Mad Men”

5. “Game of Thrones”

6. “House of Cards”

7. “New Girl”

8. “Pretty Little Liars”

9. “Scandal”

10. “Saturday Night Live”

Critically lauded but seldom watched, “Parks and Rec” belongs atop the Best TV list. Creator Greg Daniels (“Simpsons,” “The Office”) is a TV comedy wizard. “Arrested Development” also had critical blessings and low ratings when it got axed in 2006, only to be reborn on Netflix for an uneven-but-ambitious fourth season. Newish Fox hits “Mindy Project” and “New Girl” found favor with voters, as did cult-adored faves “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.” Netflix scored another winner with dirty-politickin’ Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards,” while ABC’s White House drama “Scandal” also polled well. Adult readers approved of teen murder-mystery “Pretty Little Liars” and stagnating “SNL.” <CHARENTITY>8</CHARENTITY>Jay Boller

Titles in our Netflix queue

1. “Arrested Development”

2. “House of Cards”

3. “Ally McBeal”

4. “Undeclared”

5. “The Walking Dead”

6. “Scandal”

7. “Pretty Little Liars”

8. “Mad Men”

9. “The National Parks”

10. “Happy Endings”

The only place to catch the hyped return of “Arrested Development”? That’d be Netflix (ditto for political corruption-packed “House of Cards”). Can a single female lawyer make it in the go-go ’90s? Our voters are still finding out in 2013 with “Ally McBeal.” Judd Apatow’s short-lived but brilliant “Undeclared” ranked high, as did AMC’s smash zombie serial drama “The Walking Dead.” Kerry Washington-starring political drama “Scandal” earned plenty of votes, and girlie murder mystery “Pretty Little Liars” scored for ABC Family. Readers chain-smoked “Mad Men” episodes and cleansed with Ken Burns’ fascinating/sprawling “National Parks” doc. Unjustly canceled “Happy Endings” sneaked on at No. 10. J.B.

Best movie theaters

1. Uptown Theater

2. St. Anthony Main

3. Riverview Theater

4. Lagoon Cinema

5. Parkway Theater

6. Edina Cinema

7. Hopkins Cinema 6

8. AMC Rosedale

9. Showplace ICON Theatre St. Louis Park

10. Theatres at Mall of America

Best small movie theaters

1. Trylon Microcinema

2. Riverview Theater

3. St. Anthony Main

4. Hopkins Cinema 6

5. Lagoon Cinema

6. Mann 6 in St. Louis Park

7. Plaza Movie Theater

8. Uptown Theater

9. Woodbury 10 Theater

Where to catch indie films and foreign flicks

1. St. Anthony Main

2. Lagoon Cinema

3. Trylon Microcinema

4. Uptown Theatre

5. Filmzilla

6. VHS player at home

7. Riverview

8. Walker Art Center

The List of Lists 2013