The List of Lists 2013: Music

Updated 7/17/2013 readers pick the best tunes in town.

Into The Void Records specializes in all things metal.
Star Tribune

Metal fans are often thought of as outsiders — a subsect of black-clad headbangers enamored of blast beats and blood-curdling guttural screams. But local lovers of a good ol’ fashioned face-melting nuclear-blasted the vote, winning a plurality for the months-old, metal-dedicated Into the Void (461 N. Temperance St., Mpls.). The St. Paul sister store to a Dublin label and shop of the same name cast the long-beloved Electric Fetus into an eternal abyss of pain (or at least the No. 2 slot), thanks to its Satan-saluting army of CD/vinyl shoppers. Mini-chain Cheapo, the keepin’-it-crusty, volunteer-run punk hub Extreme Noise and Treehouse Records round out the top five. Michael Rietmulder

Favorite record stores

1. Into the Void

2. Electric Fetus

3. Cheapo

4. Extreme Noise

5. Treehouse

6. Discland

7. Hymie’s Vintage

8. Eclipse Records

9. Fifth Element

10. Roadrunner Records

Best local rappers

In hip-hop you can’t knock the hustle, so kudos to Vision the Kid for rallying the votes. But is the capable, bro-ish Milwaukee transplant really better than P.O.S., Slug and Brother Ali? Go with your gut on that one. Late-blooming MC Haphduzn overcame drugs/jail to nab the three-spot, catapulting over omnipresent Dessa and Greg Grease, the buzzy and soulful throwback. Audio Perm — a young, energetic and enterprising 10-member crew — checked in at No. 7, topping trio Kids Like Us. Golden Era-evoking upstart Dem Atlas placed 10th. Jay Boller

Best local rappers

1. Vision the Kid

2. P.O.S.

3. Haphduzn

4. Slug

5. Dessa

6. Greg Grease

7. Audio Perm

8. Brother Ali

9. Kids Like Us

10. Dem Atlas

Best local frontpersons

1. Tea Simpson (L’Assassins)

2. Carla Haglund (Geodesique)

3. P.O.S.

4. Dessa

5. Astronautalis

6. Gabriel Douglas (the 4onthefloor)

7. Channy Leaneagh (Poliça)

8. Peter Miller (We Are the Willows)

9. Kevin O’Leary (Reckless Ones)

10. MacBook Pro

Sexiest local bands/ musicians

1. Savanna and the Saviors

2. Geodesique

3. Walker Fields

4. Sick of Sarah

5. Flashmob!

6. Business Man

7. L’Assassins

8. Father You See Queen

9. Fort Wilson Riot

10. Alex Frecon

Best local cover bands

1. Belfast Cowboys

2. E.L.nO.

3. FlashMob!

4. Motel California

5. Sabby White & the Furnace

6. Kinda Kinky

7. Tramps Like Us

8. Jailbreak!

9. Sandy and the Hitmen

10. All Tomorrow’s Petty


club DJs

1. Shannon Blowtorch

2. Jake Rudh


4. Christian Fritz

5. Dig Dug MPLS

6. King Otto

7. DJ Mad Mardigan

8. Plain Ole Bill

9. Mister Black

10. DJ Verb X

Best places to dance

1. Clubhouse Jäger

2. Varsity Theater

3. First Avenue

4. Honey

5. Pourhouse

6. Uptown VFW

7. Sneaky Pete’s

8. Skyway Theatre

9. Pickle Park

10. Jetset

The List of Lists 2013