The List of Lists 2013: Miscellaneous

Updated 7/18/2013 readers select the best of the rest.

T.C. Bear seduces Minnesota Lynx stars Maya Moore, left, and Candice Wiggins, right, in 2011.
Photo by Bruce Bisping

Best places to get a tattoo

Tattoo people are loyal customers, often following their favorite artists from parlor to parlor. But if they happen to land in an ink joint that has a koi pond, who could blame them for putting down roots? Longfellow establishment Leviticus Tattoo (4109 E. Lake St., Mpls.) has proven itself to be a favorite of novice bod-modders and old-timin’ tat junkies alike — and that’s not just because of the fish in its lobby. No other list was as hotly contested as this one, with voters clamoring to support their fave spots. The list comments? A cheering section. With the premium its artists put on quality work, it’s no wonder the screams were especially loud for Leviticus. SARAH HARPER

Best places to get a tattoo

1. Leviticus

2. Sea Wolf

3. Happily Ever After

4. Holy Mackerel

5. Rose of No Man’s Land

6. Evolution Tattoo

7. Twilight Tattoo

8. Lucky Linda’s Body Art

9. Uptown Tattoo

10. Identity Tattoo

Favorite yoga centers

1. YogaQuest

2. Blooma

3. CorePower Yoga

4. Yoga Center of Minneapolis

5. One Yoga

6. Audacious Alchemy

7. YogaFresh

8. Om Yoga

9. Moksha Yoga

10. Life Time Fitness

Best gyms/health clubs

1. Twin Town CrossFit

2. Life Time Fitness

3. YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

4. CorePower Yoga

5. Dakotah! Sport & Fitness

6. 501Fit

7. The Firm

8. The Shed Fitness Studio

9. Uppercut Boxing Gym

10. Snap Fitness

Favorite Twin Cities neighborhoods

1. Northeast Minneapolis

2. Lowertown, St. Paul

3. Selby/Cathedral Hill

4. Grand Avenue, St. Paul

5. St. Anthony Park, St. Paul

6. Midway, St. Paul

7. Loring Park, Mpls.

8. Linden Hills, Mpls.

9. Uptown Minneapolis

10. St. Anthony West, Mpls.

Best bathrooms

Bathrooms are a gamble. Bathrooms in college neighborhoods? Don’t even get us started. Somehow, Dinkytown was blessed by the toilet gods with three bathrooms on the same block that break the mold, and by toilet gods we mean the geniuses behind the plumbing at the Kitty Cat Klub (315 14th Av. SE., Mpls.), the Varsity Theater (1308 SE. 4th St., Mpls.) and the Loring Pasta Bar (327 14th Av. SE., Mpls.). Shouldered on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota campus and sharing close quarters with some of the grossest pit stops in the world, the winning triumvirate boasts equally ornate, unconventional and luxe restrooms. They’re the best places to take it easy in the Big Dink. S.H

Best bathrooms

1. Varsity Theater

2. Loring Pasta Bar

3. Kitty Cat Klub

4. First Avenue

5. Rosedale AMC

6. Spring Street Tavern

7. Stanley’s Bar Room

8. SuperAmerica

9. 331 Club

10. Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Favorite sports teams

1. Twins

2. Wild

3. Timberwolves

4. Vikings

5. Lynx

6. St. Paul Saints

7. Golden Gophers

8. Minnesota RollerGirls

9. Minnesota United FC

10. Green Bay Packers

Favorite Twin Cities mascotS

Something of a slapdash concept, T.C. Bear has nonetheless endeared himself to Twins fans. Added bonus: Manager Ron Gardenhire — physically speaking — is effectively a teddy bear. There’s nothing to not like about Crunch, the slam-dunking wolf who’s long overdue for a shot on the ineffective Timberwolves squad. The University of Minnesota’s Goldy Gopher burrowed his way to the three-spot, inching ahead of beloved/unofficial Vikes mascot Ragnar (who effortlessly squashed the official Viktor). The Storm’s Buzz — a huge-headed, stoned-looking lacrosse player — was once described by this writer as “the world’s most unnerving mascot.” Amorphous woodland creature Nordy placed at No. 6 for the Wild. Jay Boller

Favorite Twin Cities mascotS

1. T.C. Bear

2. Crunch the Wolf

3. Goldy Gopher

4. Ragnar the Viking

5. Buzz

6. Nordy

7. Viktor the Viking

The List of Lists 2013