Late-night breakfast battle: Perkins vs. Denny's

SARAH HARPER | Updated 1/30/2014

It’s the ultimate showdown of late-night, alcohol-free, charitably open breakfast spots.


901 27th Ave S., Mpls. Riverside.

2700 E. Lake St., Mpls. Longfellow.


6 a.m. to midnight, Mon.-Sun.

24 hours.

Price range

As low as just coffee, as high as $11.

Portions not as big as they are at Perkins, but same prices.

Best time to go?

10 p.m.

10 a.m.

Perfect for:

Celebrating a big volleyball win with your daughter

Killing time before an appointment, or maybe just killing time

Coffee grade?

Excellent: They pour you a cup and leave you a carafe, even if you’re the only one at your table drinking coffee at 11 p.m.

Poor: No carafes to be seen, even if everyone at your table is drinking coffee. Wait staff refills, and you know how that goes.

Most likely outfitted by:

Country Curtains

Office Depot


“Well that hit the spot! I’m ready for my nap.”

Desperate grumblings for a Moon Over My Hammy’s

Health rating:

Not bad: the Fit Favorites are under 600 calories, and you can get multigrain pancakes.

Items may appear greener on the menu than they actually are. You’re better off going on a “cheat day.”

Best looking breakfast:

Steak medallion and eggs: Wholesome and expensive, compared to the rest of the menu.

Peanut butter cup pancakes: “breakfast at night” and “candy for breakfast” are two lines we feel very comfortable crossing.

Worst looking breakfast:

All of the biscuit platters, which come doused in a peppered gravy and cheddar cheese

Philly cheesesteak omelette. Kind of speaks for itself, right?

Special nights:

Kid’s night, Tuesday and Saturday, 4-10 p.m.

None. But, in a way, every night at Denny’s is special.


None posted on computer paper anywhere

No splitting checks after 10 p.m. No public restrooms.

Bottom line:

It’s like Thanksgiving, minus your family.

It’s like the doctor’s waiting room with faint traces of a 1950’s diner.