Crush 2014: Instant attraction

Updated 2/12/2014

For Valentine's Day, threw a Polaroid party with 16 of the most crush-worthy people in the Twin Cities.

Every Valentine’s Day, we at embark upon an expansive search for the most crush-able people in the metro. Why on Earth do we do this, you ask? We’re not really sure, but it might be because, like everyone, we enjoy meeting attractive new people — and this metro is full of them. Unfortunately, we’re not real­ly supposed to date the guys and girls we meet in the Crush contest — because that would be unethical. Journalism and stuff. But one thing’s for sure: We definitely develop some mad crushes in the process. After all, our 20 Crush finalists were nominated online by somebody who already found them crushworthy. Then they were voted on by the general public at And then, crucially, these men and women had the confidence, or at least the “why the hell not” spirit, to show up for our finalists mixer and Polaroid shoot at Clubhouse Jäger. It was definitely getting hot in there. In the end, all of them were certified crushable, but one woman and one man stood out (slightly) from the rest. Meet the two winners and 14 runners-up on the next pages — and we hope you find your own crush this V-Day.