Kim Bartmann's 9 favorite Minneapolis restaurants

Updated 7/10/2014

Local restaurant tycoon picks her Minneapolis faves.

Kim Bartmann's Bryant-Lake Bowl.

She’s Minneapolis’ empress of mid-priced neighborhood restaurants with a sustainability bent (Bryant-Lake Bowl, Barbette, Pat’s Tap, et al.):

“I like to eat at places with talented kitchens who support local farmers, and of course who cook it well. Many on this list just happen to be women, because lady chefs and restaurateurs don’t get enough props in this town!”


Rainbow Chinese

2739 Nicollet Av. S. •

Tammy Wong is awesome, has a great party room upstairs, and she uses local farmers. Jai Mai Fun!


Sen Yai Sen Lek

2422 Central Av. NE. •

A Northeast standby, always good. Joe Surisook cares about farmers, and this was the first place to compost on the Central Avenue strip.


Foxy Falafel

Twitter: @FoxyFalafel •

Erica Strait does falafel right, and I’d eat that magical green tahini sauce on a lot more than falafel.


Mona Restaurant

333. S. 8th St. •

Lisa Hanson knows how to keep you warm on a cold winter night.


Broder’s Cucina Italiana

2308 W. 50th St. •

My sister eats “brunch” here at least three times a week. She works till 3 a.m. and gets up late — and considers pizza, pasta and salads to be breakfast food.


Birchwood Café

3311 E. 25th St. •

Tracy Singleton just did a cool remodel and upgraded the dinner fare, yum.



1432 W 31st St. •

Lucia Watson has been helping lead the way for local farmers for almost 25 years, and the kitchen has always been superb.


La Belle Vie

510 Groveland Av. •

OK, there are no ladies behind the bar around here, but the drinks go down easy in that beautiful romantic room. I like to share a micro greens salad with truffle cheese and a charcuterie platter.



3758 Nicollet Av. S. •

OK, yeah, I helped my friends Sarah and Sam Peterson and Hide Tozawa open it, but I’m still putting it on this list, ’cause it’s just so damn good.