P.O.S. expecting his kidney transplant in January

CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER | Updated 11/20/2012

The rapper posted a video today updating fans on his medical situation and thanking them for his support.


P.O.S. gave it his all at First Avenue last month despite his kidney troubles.

Hanging out two weekends ago at a loft party to preview Greg Grease’s new album (he’s a big fan), P.O.S. sounded optimistic about his pending kidney transplant -- but then he had to leave shortly thereafter to go home and do another round of dialysis.

In a new video update posted today via YouTube (and included below), the artist alternately known as Stef Alexander, 31, reports that he expects to receive his transplant sometime in January. He already has several matching donors lined up, and it’s a matter of timing it with the doctors. Although he doesn’t mention his post-transplant plans, if all goes well he could presumably revive his tour behind “We Don’t Even Live Here” as early as late spring. But first things first.

Clearly touched by the outpouring of support for his YouCaring medical fund ($36,000 and counting), Alexander seemed to think he owed everyone this update. He even provides an inside look at the meds and home care he has endured of late, including the dialysis machine that he was hoping to take on the road before canning his tour last month. “That’s why I canceled the tour, ‘cuz that machine hurts,” he complains in the clip. Talk about a behind-the-scenes tour.

Fortunately, he also happily reports, “It’s working; my energy is up,” which reconfirms his commitment to still take part in the Dec. 14-16 Doomtree Blowout VIII shows at First Avenue. He ends the video on an especially upbeat note: “I’m good. I’m staying strong. You guys have been incredibly supportive.”

[Photo: Leslie Plesser]