Pitchfork isn't crazy for P.O.S.' 'We Don't Even Live Here'

JAY BOLLER | Updated 11/20/2012

Top indie music website is lukewarm on the latest album from the Minneapolis rap favorite.

The good (and profoundly more important) P.O.S. news: The hometown hip-hop star expects to receive a kidney transplant sometime in January.

On the other end of the happiness spectrum, leading indie music website Pitchfork issued a less-than-fawning review today of the real-life Stef Alexander's latest album, last month's "We Don't Even Live Here." The LP earned a 5.7 out of ten, with veteran critic Ian Cohen describing it as "strangely smug," adding that P.O.S. sounds both "vague and heavy-handed" while "preaching to the converted." The review praises sociopolitical contemporaries such as Killer Mike, El-P, the Coup and Death Grips, while barely (if at all) conjuring a kind word for P.O.S. 

Pitchfork has been slightly kinder to Alexander in the past, giving his 2006 sophomore effort "Audition" a 6.2 and 2009's "Never Better" a flat 7. "Live Here" is P.O.S.' highest-charting album to date, topping out at No. 47 on the Billboard charts. The LP boasts an 81 out of 100 average from review aggregator Metacritic.