Listen to Ke$ha and Iggy Pop's 'Dirty Love'

JAY BOLLER | Updated 11/27/2012

Godfather of punk teams up with sleaze/party-promoting pop star for some reason.

Ke$ha is tough to figure out. On one hand, she's pals with the Black Lips and Wayne Coyne owns her blood (plus she knocked this Bob Dylan cover out of the park). On the other hand, she's Ke$ha.

The convention-shunning pop star apparently went on a "spiritual journey" prior to recording her upcoming album "Warrior," which features the inimitable Iggy Pop. Their track, "Dirty Love," is a sex-charged pop-rocker with Ke$h yearning for filthy lovin' and Pop ... sing-talking about rug merchants in Afghanistan and Rick Santorum? Neither star has a track record of artistic preciousness, so let's stop the analysis there. Here's "Dirty Love":

"Warrior" drops Dec. 4. Ke$ha's memoir - "My Crazy Beautiful Life," released last week - is also a thing that you can buy.