Q & A: Mark Larson

KAT KLUEGEL | Updated 12/6/2012

Hard-hat-wearing electrical engineer by day, hard-hitting 4onthefloor drummer by night.

Mark Larson

Age: 29. Lives in: Brooklyn Park. Occupation: Electrical engineer/drummer for the 4onthefloor and the Fattenin' Frogs.

Q: Are there any similarities between electrical engineering and drumming?

A: In electrical engineering, you deal a lot with discrete values, voltage and current. Hitting a drum is discrete in that you are either hitting it -- or not. The feel of drumming is analogous to current, which makes the magic of electricity possible. OK, I just made that up. I kinda use different parts of my brain for each.

Q: Do any of your engineering skills come in handy while touring with the 4onthefloor?

A: The band loves to give me crap about this. "Engineer us a something!" they like to say. I did troubleshoot and fix one of the headlights once. I think that's it.

Q: What would the juke in your ideal music joint play?

A: Rock 'n' roll, old blues and country, "old-timey" everything, and jazz that you can dance to.

Q: You like pizza a lot. What are your local faves?

A: Cossetta's for huge slices and delicious pepperoni, Dulono's for salty goodness best enjoyed while listening to bluegrass.

Q: How do you tame your lion's mane?

A: I've found that the moisturizing hair lotions in the "ethnic" section of the hair products aisle work best for me.