Q+A: Ian Rans

JAHNA PELOQUIN | Updated 12/13/2012

Former "Drinking With Ian" host on bars, pinball and dressing like a used car salesman.

Ian Rans

Age: 36. Neighborhood: Northeast Minneapolis. Occupation: Host with the most/graphic designer/sorta filmmaker.

Q: As host of “The $50 Pyramid” every Thursday at Grumpy’s Downtown, what game shows did you watch growing up?
A: I watched them all. Only later in life did I realize my personality was basically a hybrid of Chuck Woolery and Peter Venkman from “Ghostbusters.” I wish I could turn it off, but it’s deeply ingrained.

Any plans to bring back your show “Drinking With Ian”?
A: “DWI” was a great time and lives on on the Internet. We’re all busy with other projects, but I’m sure we’ll bring it back as soon as someone wants to give us lots of money. So: not soon.

Q: Speaking of drinking, where do you typically saddle up?
A: I haunt all of the dark, strange bars your crazy uncle hangs out in. You can find me on intimate crawls through Arcade Street in St. Paul and any bar with a good vintage neon sign.

Q: You dress like a (stylish) ’70s used car salesman. Where do you find your threads?
A: Tatters! I can shake the best scores out of any thrift store in 15 minutes or less. And screw you for saying that.

Q: What is the Twin Cities’ best kept secret?
A: Blainbrook Bowl in Blaine! Constant happy hour and an unrivaled ’70s-to-’90s pinball collection makes it the place to be all day, every day.