Breaking down Pitchfork's best/worst album covers of 2012

TONY LIBERA | Updated 12/12/2012

Minnesotan Elite Gymnastics made the list, so we figured we'd have some fun.

Vancouver-based Elite Gymnastics (aka former Minneapolitan James Brooks) made Pitchfork's "Best Album Covers," a tally which is annually accompanied by their selections for "Worst Album Covers." But guess what: There was no snide riffage! Here's our take on highest highs and lowest lows among Pitchfork's picks.


2 Chainz: "Based on a T.R.U. Story"
Minimalism being all the rage these days, it’s understandable why 2 Chainz’ record made the list. You see, his signature two chains are popping against the backdrop. But wouldn’t the artwork have been cleverer without the text below beating us over the head? And wouldn’t the image have been more arousing if 2 Chainz hadn’t changed his stage moniker from Tity Boi? . . . Wait, what? [He's at Myth on Thursday!]

Laurel Halo: "Quarantine"
A gaggle of Simpsons-yellow schoolgirls murdering themselves with samurai swords in a Scottish rainbow discotheque? Somewhere Quentin Tarantino is masturbating to this picture.

Death Grips: "The Money Store"
Death Grips managed a place on both the “Best” and “Worst” list. "The Money Store" features a couple engaging in BDSM and animal play, yet believe it or not, it is less sexually startling than its counterpart, "No Love Deep Web" [below].

Sleigh Bells: "Reign of Terror"
Again, minimalism on display. This time we’re able to form our own conclusions about the artwork. Did something terrible happen? Is the blood indicative of the rambunctiousness of a Sleigh Bells show? I like to imagine a certain Kedso the Clown finally got what was coming to him ...

Elite Gymnastics: "Ruin 4"
An intern at Pitchfork accidentally put this on the “Best” list instead of the “Mediocre at Best” list.


Animal Collective: "Centipede Hz"
After creating one of stoner culture’s most-beloved album covers, Animal Collective has reached the point in their careers where they’ve decided to just start screwing with their fans. “Hey guys, I bet we could slap a picture of dog feces on the cover, and these dummies will still love it.”

Public Image Ltd.: "This is PiL"
Looks like Public Image Ltd. hired the lady who ruined that Jesus painting to do their cover art. Where does she find the time?

Physical Therapy: "Safety Net EP"
This guy clearly knows how to party.

Spiritualized: "Sweet Heart Sweet Light"
Using MS Paint to make your album cover is a surefire way to make your album cover look like it was made using MS Paint.

Death Grips: "No Love Deep Web" (NSFW)
It’s a cock, people.