Meet Princess, Maya Rudolph's Prince cover band

TONY LIBERA | Updated 12/27/2012

Former "SNL" star is in a Roots-backed Prince cover band.

Maya Rudolph, left, and Gretchen Liberum perform as Princess on "Fallon" in September.

Those tuned into “Saturday Night Live” in the early aughts are sure to remember the vocal prowess of Maya Rudolph. The daughter of producer Richard Rudolph and soul singer Minnie Riperton often plied her skills toward the comedic, ridiculing trilling pop divas as a part of a recurring Destiny’s Child knockoff called Gemini’s Twin. And though Maya never broke out with her own feature film, recent years have found her tallying successes with a supporting role in “Bridesmaids," costarring in NBC’s “Up All Night" and endearing herself to Minnesotans everywhere as a part of the Roots-backed Princess, a tribute band to His Purple Majesty.

Princess entered the broader American consciousness in September, when Rudolph and pal Gretchen Liberum performed “Darling Nikki” on “Jimmy Fallon Live” (watch here). The Internet, in its immediate, collective wisdom, deemed Princess a success, praising their attention to detail as they mimicked the “backwards part” of “Darling Nikki."

This past Saturday Rudolph and Liberum appeared on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” discussing the band’s origin, their favorite Prince song and the love of music that keeps Princess sustained. After all, they’re not going to be putting out records or making a killing in concert sales; this, like any cover band, is all about having fun. As Rudolph puts it, “To me, this music makes me so happy. That’s truly why you’re doing it.”

Here's a clip of Princess performing "Purple Rain" live: