Naked Girls Reading makes a classy debut

JAHNA PELOQUIN | Updated 12/30/2012

The new series kicked off in style at the historic Hennepin History Museum.

On a cold winter night in Minneapolis, three women wearing nothing but sparkling jewelry, stilettos and Santa hats sat perched on an antique couch at the historic Hennepin History Museum, reading A Christmas Carol to a fully clothed audience. It was the official debut of Naked Girls Reading, a series based out of Chicago that has since opened up a Minneapolis chapter.

The premise of the event is simple: a trio of naked ladies read selections from classic works of literature in front of a seated audience. It has the vibe of a sophisticated, sedate literary reading -- a far cry from the rip-roaring, bawdy energy of a burlesque show. 

"We expect a lot of our audience," said Naked Ladies Reading producer AJ "The Bodyguard" Peterson, a boylesque performer also known as DJ AJent Orange. "Nobody's throwing crumpled up dollar bills onstage."

That's not to say the show wasn't fun. The crowd -- surprisingly dominated by women -- cracked up at unexpected double entendres and flubbed lines and collectively aww-ed when this month's trio of naked ladies, including including local burlesque performers Elektra Cuete and Dahlia Dulce along with an actress who goes by Curtis (her middle name, as to maintain some sort of anonymity), put on their Santa hats.

The group hope to continue the series monthly at the Hennepin History Museum, expanding on this month's one-night event with a longer run of shows -- something clearly in demand, as evidenced by the sell-out crowd. Details on the next event will be up soon at