Brace yourselves for Blucys, Minneapolis

MICHAEL RIETMULDER | Updated 1/8/2013

The Juicy Blucy peddlers at the Blue Door Pub are scheduled to open a Longfellow location this month.

Juicy Blucy-craving Minneapolitans are about to start saving some gas money. The opening of a second Blue Door Pub, the St. Paul home of the famed burger, is in sight.

The long-in-the-works sister location in Minneapolis' Longfellow neighborhood is slated to open by the end of the month, said co-owner Jeremy Woerner.

Word that the restaurant/beer bar was crossing the river surfaced in the fall of 2011, but Woerner said he and partner Patrick McDonough were reluctant to begin construction on the former appliance repair shop before procuring its beer and wine license. From the sounds of it, the space needed significant work.

"The scope of the project kind of exploded," Woerner said, noting that they put in new wiring, plumbing, walls and a second kitchen.

Aside from its cheese-stuffed meat pucks, Blue Door is known for its craft-minded beer selections. The Longfellow location (3448 42nd Av. S.) will feature 16 tap lines, plus a hand-pumped beer engine for a rotating cask.

While Woerner said the Minneapolis outpost will be larger (80 seats) and a little sleeker than its Selby Avenue counterpart, fans of the original Blue Door will find some similarities.

"We're still serving burgers in baskets," Woerner said. "No need to get too fancy."

[Photo: Star Tribune]