Such great hype: Postal Service to reunite

ANDREW PENKALSKI | Updated 1/21/2013

Reunion should finally quell teenage breakup angst of now-married fans.

Like the heartache that Ben Gibbard so often consoled during his brief 2000s tenure fronting the Postal Service, the duo was a union destined to remain dead forever. That is until this weekend when the band’s long-dormant website began hosting the 2013-emblazoned iconography pictured above.

Billboard has since confirmed through three other sources that Ben Gibbard and DNTEL electro-tinkerer Jimmy Tamborello will reunite this year at Coachella to support the 10th anniversary of their sole Postal Service LP, 2003’s "Give Up." A deluxe reissue of the record, as well as a collection of other dates, is expected as well.

As recent as October of last year, the Death Cab For Cutie frontman told publications that the group’s mix-CD-destined electropop would never extend past "Give Up."

Gibbard’s divorce from the intoxicatingly quirky Zooey Deschanel wasn’t finalized until last month, so maybe he needs songs like “This Place is a Prison” more than we do.