Having a ball

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 2/13/2013

Style competition was fierce at "Pick Your Persona: A Cindy Sherman Ball" at the Walker last week.

William Grier
30, health education program coordinator

What are you wearing? Jeans from Banana Republic, J.Crew shirt, vest from Target, gifted faux fur collar, Burberry boots.

Describe your style: I like very classic looks that are put together in an unexpected way or have some sort of twist. I refer to my personal style as "androgynous chic".
One piece of fashion advice: I have two: Just because you can does not mean you should! And: It's all about the shoe.
Favorite designer / fashion house: I would say Coco Chanel. She was the first to feminize the traditional masculine look and vice versa.

Ladonna Craelius

What are you wearing?
Vintage butterscotch rabbit fur, geometric tights, Chinese Laundry booties, and a LBD.

Describe your style:
A balance between comfort and glam edge. Cashmere meets combat boots.

Who is your alter ego?
A louder version of myself.

One piece of fashion advice: If you think you're doing too much, you probably haven't done enough.

Favorite designer or fashion house:
Dolce and Gabbana.

Nick LeMere

28, choreographer & Server

What are you wearing? Minneapolis Furrier beaver pelt coat, Tokio 7 bolero jacket with Virgin Blak epaulette, American Apparel shirt, pants from H&M, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Chanel sunglasses.

Describe your style: Sea-Punk, Blouse-Butch. I like taking women's wear and challenging and deconstructing the look with a masculine twist.  

Who is your alter ego? James St. James.

Favorite designer or fashion house: Thom Browne does some pretty amazing things with menswear.

Jeffry Lusiak
35, resident artist with Project Success, performance artist

What were you wearing?
H&M pea coat, scarf, and sweater. Levi’s stretch skinny jeans. Rogue black boots. Galich glasses.

Describe your style: Cotton-blend washer to dryer friendly.

Who is your alter ego? Puss Puss: cabaret performance artist.

One piece of fashion advice:
Pick shirts that hide sweat. Also pick clothes that don't need to be ironed.