Summit's new look

MICHAEL RIETMULDER | Updated 2/21/2013

The old-guard microbrewery revamps its image, adds its name to a Target Field bar and a new beer.


Summit Brewing Co.'s new logo.

Summit Brewing Co.'s new logo.

Once in a while, everyone could use a little makeover. Even timelessly AARP-chic old-timers could stand to hit refresh from time to time.

While Summit Brewing Co.'s classic barley-brimming logo was hardly the London Fog jacket of beer branding, the local craft-beer pioneers decided an update was in order. The St. Paul brewery will debut its more contemporary imagery April 1 at the Twins' season opener, along with the renamed Summit Town Ball Tavern (formerly just the Town Ball Tavern) in Target Field.

“We redesigned our original logo in 1999 after Summit’s new brewery opened, and with the expansion of the brewery 14 years later, we felt it was again time to update our look,” said Summit's founder Mark Stutrud in a statement. “Innovation is part of our DNA and we think this change signals that commitment while also honoring the community that built this company.”

Along with the new look and branding presence, comes new beer. On April 15 Summit will roll out its Meridian Session Ale as part of its new Union Series, which "will focus on new raw materials and ingredients appearing on the brewing scene."