It's a mad, mad, mad world:'s 'Mad Men' party

JAHNA PELOQUIN | Updated 4/8/2013

DJ Jake Rudh and co-presented a swinging evening of late '60s style at Jax Café on Sunday night.

If last night’s sold-out season premiere party was any indication, "Mad Men" fever is alive and well in the Twin Cities. For the fourth year running, and DJ Jake Rudh co-presented a soiree to celebrate the season premiere "Mad Men," once again at old-school Northeast steakhouse Jax Café. From the steak-and-potatoes plated dinner and classic cocktails to the retro tunes (courtesy of mid-century connoisseur Rudh) and vintage commercial screenings, the room felt transformed into the swingin' '60s.

The best-dressed contest winners were announced throughout the evening, including a quartet of Pan Am stewardesses and pilots and an out-of-the-box attempt at late ‘60s Bob Dylan. Elsewhere, guests were done up in their mid-century best, with only a handful attempting the late-'60s styles — we’re talking mod minidresses for the ladies and plaid suit jackets for the gentlemen — in tune with the current timeline of the show (Christmas 1967, to be exact). Guests got their looks snapped in a room styled out in vintage furnishings from Minneapolis' premier purveyor of high-end designer, retro goods, Spinario Design.

Following the two-hour premiere and plenty of cocktails, the festivities moved downstairs to Jax’s ballroom, where a limbo contest brought guests to the knees (literally) and Rudh brought the party into the wee hours of the night.





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