Envision style

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 4/18/2013

Everyone brought their A-game to the huge fashion production, Envision: Artopia at Graves 601 Hotel.


Sarah Edwards

27, Marketing Director, producer of I AM MPLS!, I AM KINDNESS, stylist

What are you wearing? T-shirt from a boutique in NY. Vintage coat, floral jacket, floral silk robe all from Rewind Vintage. Harem pants and GROWMOR bag from Buffalo Exchange.

Describe your style: Mixmaster. Colors, patterns, brands, vintage, textures, genres.

What's going to be your color palette for this spring? Probably everything. However, I’m really into head-to-toe monochromatic color looks.

Best under-the-radar clothing store? Arrow in North Loop.

Mary Vang
22, student, Creative Director of STYL

What are you wearing? Tunic dress by Collaboration, Betsy Johnson black tights and leopard print wedges from Piperlime.com.

Describe your style: Effortlessly chic with an urban edge.

What are you favorite fashion websites? Fashion Toast, Street Peeper, and WhoWhatWear.

Best under-the-radar clothing store?
Everyday People in Uptown and the Salvation Army.

Delayna Sundberg

30-plus, owner Cliché

What are you wearing? Dress and handbag from Cliché, Divided shoes.

Describe your style:
 Wednesday Adams meets Studio 54.

What are your favorite fashion websites? Pinterest, Cody Lidtke, Fashion Copious.

What's going to be your color palette for this spring?
Mixing lots of patterns. Tangerine, aqua, and white.

Tamas "Zen" Pomazi

43, master cobbler

What are you wearing? Jacket by Orvis, Shirt by Gitman Vintage via Martinpatrick3, vest by Rising Sun Jeans Co., tie by Liberty of London, BillyKirk belt, shoes by Well Bred x Greenwich Vintage Co. 

Describe your style: Refined gentleman.

What's going to be your color palette for this spring? Pendelton Portland Collection.

Best under-the-radar clothing store? 

Bo Carlock
25, owner of Memory Frames Photo Booth, freelance photographer

What are you wearing? Charlotte Russe jacket, thrifted jeans, Forever 21 T-shirt, Steve Madden shoes, Stella McCartney purse.

Describe your style: It changes everyday. Inside my closet you will find lots of black, a mixture thrifted and brand name pieces, handmade jewelry and lots and lots of shoes.

What are your favorite fashion websites? Nastygal, Solestruck, Glamzelle.

What's going to be your color palette for this spring? Lots of blues, pinks and reds.

Best under-the-radar clothing store?

Love Culture, Stella Blue, Local Motion, Buffalo Exchange, BlackBlue.

Brynn Idelkope
human resources at Regis Corp and sales at Bumbershute

What are you wearing? Christian Louboutin heels, Jbrand pants from Bluebird boutique, Alexander Wang tank from Bumbershute, jacket from Ladyslipper, Chanel handbag from Nordstrom.

Describe your style: Edgy and fashion forward.

What are your favorite fashion websites? Net-a-porter, Shopbop.

What's going to be your color palette for this spring?
Blue and Green. Any bright color for the season is great.