Did Danny Brown receive oral sex onstage at Triple Rock?

JAY BOLLER | Updated 5/1/2013

NSFW: Blurry photos and boastful tweets suggest the Detroit MC may have been pleasured by a fan mid-song last Friday.

Photo provided

**UPDATE** Danny Brown's friend/tourmate Kitty Pryde wrote a lengthy post for VICE where she decried the "person [who] thought it was a good idea to perform a sex act on another person without their consent." She also criticized media coverage of the event, especially in the Twin Cities, and the general reaction from hip-hop fans.

Danny Brown titled his 2012 LP "XXX," and the Detroit rapper reportedly engaged in some X-rated behavior onstage last Friday at Triple Rock.

Hip-hop sites and, for some reason, the Canadian press are all over it.

The proof? It's sloppy. First, we have this Twitter exchange between Brown and L.A. rapper Kendrick Lamar, where Brown boasts that not even public fellatio can throw off his flow.

This blurry photo has emerged, but who doesn't get into similar poses at concerts?

Jim Morrison was sent to the slammer for similar actions at a 1969 Doors concert. We've come a long way, baby (so to speak). To his credit, Brown, 32, has never dodged his affinity for free oral sex.