Soundset 2013: P.O.S. returns to the mic


Still awaiting a kidney transplant, the Minneapolis rapper will trudge on with Soundset and Sasquatch! gigs.

Photo by Leslie Plesser

“I’m still a work in progress,” said Twin Cities rap hero P.O.S., who has been sidelined since December awaiting a kidney transplant. He still is, but he’s not waiting any longer to return to the stage.

Stef Alexander gave his first P.O.S. performance in five months last week as part of St. Paul’s “Love Is the Law” concert. He performed about 25 minutes, and he might go a little longer this weekend, starting with Soundset on Sunday. Then he flies to Seattle for a set Monday at Sasquatch!, playing before the Postal Service and Alt-J.

Alexander and his doctors have vetted six different matching donors, but each has fallen through for various reasons (one guy’s kidney was an inch too small for his body). Thus, he announced, “I’m going to start soliciting donors.” He’s looking for males with any O-type blood for the procedure. In the meantime, Alexander’s body finally started to react better to home dialysis. “I’ve been feeling pretty good for about two months now,” he said.

This has enabled him to start making music again. He is all over the wild array of releases this month by Marijuana Deathsquads in conjunction with their residency at Icehouse in Minneapolis (which concludes May 31). He has been working on beats for a new album — but not lyrics, he said.

“I don’t want to make an album all about being sick,” he said. “I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and hanging out a lot with my [14-month-old] baby. There are worse things that could’ve happened to me than spending so much time at home, feeling well-grounded.”

But, he added, “I’m definitely eager to start performing again.”