Zach Sobiech's 'Clouds' soars to No. 1 on iTunes


The local teen, who died Monday from cancer, wrote the song as a farewell to his family and friends.

Zach Sobiech re-recorded "Clouds," now No.1 on iTunes, to raise money for cancer research.

It happened to Otis Redding and Janis Joplin, too -- but they were already famous when they died. Twin Cities area high-schooler Zach Sobiech, who was buried this morning, is rocketing up the charts in the aftermath of his heartbreaker of a death Monday from a rare form a cancer at age 18.

The song Sobiech wrote for family and friends to bid them farewell, “Clouds,” is currently No. 1 on iTunes, and Billboard magazine has newly reported that the tune will likely debut high on its Hot 100 chart next week, probably in the top 20. That would put the Stillwater High School student from Lakeland in the company of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

“Clouds” had already attracted plenty of attention prior to Sobiech’s passing, with over 4 million views on YouTube of the video. He re-recorded the song and formally released it as a single in conjunction with reputable local organization Rock the Cause, whose nonprofit status helps funnel money from the sales of “Clouds” and Sobeich’s other songs toward the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. It's looking like Zach's legacy is truly going to do a world of good.

[Photo: Mike Rominski]