Tommy Stinson talks Replacements reunion on 'WTF with Marc Maron'

RAGHAV MEHTA | Updated 6/7/2013

The Replacements/Guns N' Roses bassist also touched on his late brother, Bob, during a lively chat on the popular podcast.

Maron, left, and Stinson
Photo courtesy of "WTF"

"You know what? Guitar players are a pain in the ass. All of them are, every single one of them. You got six strings, you got a pain in the ass," said Tommy Stinson while talking about his late brother and former bandmate, Bob, on today's episode of the popular "WTF" podcast hosted by comedian Marc Maron.

The episode should be a thoroughly entertaining listen for any Twin Cities muso or diehard Replacement fans. Over the course of an hour, Stinson, who played bass for the Replacements until their 1991 dissolution, coolly recounted tales from the influential rockers' wild years. He also touched on what he felt are under-appreciated cuts from 'Mats catalog ("Bastards of Young," "Left of the Dial").

Stinson's affable, not to mention blunt, manner of speaking made him a particularly engaging guest for Maron's armchair-therapist interview style, leaving few stones unturned. Just don't expect any bombshells about Axl Rose (his boss in G N' R) or 'Mats frontman Paul Westerberg.

"Paul and I were probably more ready to kill each other in the early days than the end," Stinson said. "We're always going to chat about crap and play together in some fashion"

But of course, Maron, like even the most casual Replacements fan, couldn't resist addressing the elephant in the room. Can we ever expect a 'Mats reunion?

"We did four or five songs for the [Slim Dunlap benefit] ... and we came to the conclusion that we should do this again with some original songs some day," Stinson said. "Without any fanfare, we’re going to record again at some point soon, and I don't know what we'll do with it. Every fucking year, from Coachella down, they always call us up [about a tour]. They offer us silly money. We can't just do it that way. It would be beneath us, to do a money grab."