Minnesota musicians to open Minneapolis-themed bar in NYC

JAHNA PELOQUIN | Updated 6/18/2013

Members of the Hold Steady, Spoon are set to open bar named Lake Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Bobby Drake, second to left, with the Hold Steady

Bobby Drake, second to left, with the Hold Steady

Minneapolis has occasionally been dubbed the “Brooklyn of the Midwest,” but with news of a soon-to-be-opened, musician-run bar called Lake Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the feeling is mutual. Its owners include Twin Cities-bred drummer Bobby Drake (of the Hold Steady), former Minneapolis rocker Frank Bevan (who once fronted AmRep act Freedom Fighters), Moorhead, Minn., native Eric Odness (bassist for the Wanted) and Kansas native Rob Pope of Spoon.

All spent their fair share of time in Minneapolis while playing in various bands including Arm, Capital!Capital and Chariots. Working with Stevie Howlett of East Village bars the Scratcher and Heathers, the group plans to open its doors to the public soon, according to a story in NYC blog Bedford+Bowery.

But don’t expect Twin Cities insignia in flashing lights -- the Minneapolis connotations are subtle, relegated to a selection of Midwestern canned and bottled brews, a dozen taps and Midwest-inspired fare including brats and hot dogs. According to the blog, Drake says the bar, located at 607 Manhattan Avenue, is generally reminiscent of “the kind of old-man divey but cool bars” where the musicians liked to hang out back home.

Another local connection appears in one of the bar’s bathrooms, which is covered in the crude diaries of Hiro Tanaka, a legendary roadie/photographer who did a fair amount of time in Minneapolis and toured with Minneapolis bands Selby Tigers and Birthday Suits, most recently hosting a photo book launch party at the Triple Rock Social Club back in November, which featured shots of the aforementioned along with Dillinger Four and Har Mar Superstar.

[Photo by Dan Monick]